Are your kids getting enough P.E?

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This post reflects a compensated editorial partnership with Voices for Healthy Kids, a joint initiative of the American Heart Association and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

When I decided to part-time homeschool the kids I was helped by our Educational Advisor on how to log physical activity. It was the first time I had ever looked at our state’s physical education requirements. I was surprised to learn that my kids were most certainly not getting the recommended daily activity of 60 minutes a day. I started planning activities like crazy and making sure even on rainy days they were getting those heart rates up. It helped that our school offers an optional P.E fitness class called “Finding the Good Within”. The objective of the class is to build confidence physically, mentally and emotionally. This P.E class really focuses on the overall health of my children and it’s a great supplement to their lives. It’s considered an enrichment course, but P.E should actually be a core course, a vital course.

Now more than ever we need to protect the things that enrich the lives of our children. Did you know that only 4% of elementary, 8% of middle and only 2% of high schools provide daily P.E or its equivalent through the school year? Yet 95% of parents with children under 18, think that P.E should be part of the curriculum.

These parents are rarely heard and voices of parents from financially strapped communities are heard even less. Children from low-income neighborhoods often go without physical education courses because of a lack of funding for P.E programs or equipment for play. They miss out on the vital benefits of P.E because of simple geography. The reward of a healthy active lifestyle should be available to all children, no matter their zip code.

Voices for Healthy Kids, a joint initiative of the American Heart Association and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is hoping to ignite conversations between parents about how important it is to ensure P.E as part of our kid’s curriculum. The Every Student Succeeds Act was created so all students can equally receive a high-quality education. There is a chance that P.E can be included in ESSA for for the first time since its creation. P.E has an actual chance to gain its own funding to ensure it is a part of your child’s daily curriculum. Parents like us need to be advocates for physical education to make certain our children get all the help they can to live long, healthy, happy lives. As the State Department of Education prepares their plans, our voices are the tools we have to help enact change. Let’s not wait until it’s too late, we can start  today.

Do you know if your child is getting enough P.E?

Help protect P.E and BE A VOICE FOR HEALTH!

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Easter Party with PARTY CITY

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Easter is juuuust around the corner and how incredibly cute is this Easter bunny costume!?!? It’s an Anne Geddes Baby Bunny Costume from Party City. It’s the best quality too! The baby isn’t going to be the only one in costume this year. Daddy couldn’t resist entertaining the kids practically all spring break with this Adult Bunny Costume. Who says you can only dress up like a bunny on Easter?

The kids are on spring break and that means Easter is pretty much all week long. Just this week we’ve already decorated eggs and baked Easter goodies. No matter the holiday we always set up a party table. It stays up all week long (sometimes month long). The kids LOVE taking away the dining table and turning it into a dessert/party table. Throughout the week the kids make different themed snacks and display them on our star studded holiday table. We love everything from Party City because no matter what we get, there is always a way to use it. If it’s raining and we bought yard signs we just use them as wall decor. Here’s a picture where you can see how I’ve incorporated some party items in some non-typical ways. 


Here’s some ideas on how you can get more use out of your party items: 

  1. Use Lanterns as centerpieces by attaching balloons. This is such a simple task but looks great, like little hot air balloons.

  2. Use yard signs as wall decor. Yard sign are extremely light weight and are vibrant in color so they can be seen from afar. They make any room pop with color! 

  3. Tape mylars or balloons to the wall instead of letting them just float and create awesome 3D wall art. 

  4. Use streamers to create wall art. One year I created a huge Minecraft creeper with just green and black streamers. 

  5. Use extra plastic tablecloths for a huge ribbons or garland. Extra tablecloth plastic can be manipulated to make big bows or twists.


My kids love crafts and baking but not all crafts can be the messy, time consuming kind, so we appreciate short cuts. We bought some market cupcakes and used this Lamb Cupcake kit we found at Party City to turn these plain vanilla cupcakes into the cutest little herd. HOPPY EASTER!

Click here to see everything EASTER at Party City

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Easter Eggs made out of cereal Video Recipe

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Around here it feels like Dia Del Niño everyday. Somebody is always crafting or creating in some sense of the word. When it came time this year to celebrate Dia Del Niño (Children’s Day) with General Mills the kids were excited since it’s not everyday we craft with their favorite flavors of cereal. The holiday is a fun reason to get into a cool, kid-friendly recipe or craft. It’s a good reminder to take time away to enjoy them being little.

We decided to go with our version of the chocolate egg. My kids have been seeing so many chocolate eggs around lately I told them I had the perfect craft for them. It definitely is chocolate it’s just not completely chocolate which is a great thing (it’s mostly cereal). It’s a breakfast egg. It’s a chocolate egg they can eat for breakfast.

During the making of our Giant Chocolate Eggs we lovingly scolded one of our sneaky craft members who kept stealing cereal marshmallows, we got super messy and made some unrecognizable cereal masterpieces that kept us all laughing! During our craft we all took turns rocking the baby (our littlest team member) and when she was awake she joined in on the fun.

The possibilities are really endless when using cereal for crafts and recipes. This Catrina Puppet Craft we did last year was not edible but just as much fun (we eat while we work). The memories we make while creating truly show the meaning of #CerealconCariño and #DiadelNiño.

You can get more recipe ideas here


Chicken Mole Pizza Recipe

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I grew up on so many DOÑA MARÍA recipes we had a cupboard full of little juice glasses. C’mon, who didn’t recycle the mole jar? In fact, everything was recycled from the butter container to the honey bear bottles for a chile squirt bottle for Grandpa. 

     So when I was asked to create a recipe using my childhood favorite mole sauce I was excited to  do something new generation’ish. I want my kids to continue on my grandmother’s mole tradition but as the years go by I need the recipes to be transformative. They need to evolve into recipes that the next generation will cook. With less and less time being spent in the kitchen and time being of the essence more and more my latest recipe fit the bill.

     One of the most eaten foods in my house and just about all of America, is pizza. It’s our go to food when we don’t have time, for movie night, birthdays. It’s universal and translates across all languages, crosses borders and barriers. Ok, you get it? We love pizza. Well we also love mole, served over white rice and just about anything. Chicken Mole Pizza, please enter the room now. You’re welcome. 

      You can use regular marinara or you can use the DOÑA MARÍA mole sauce as your pizza base. Then just add some cheese and mole chicken, that’s it. I feel like if I had an upscale Mexican restaurant this can definitely be on the menu or if I had a small pizza joint this could definitely be on the menu. My kids raved how delicious it was but I’m sure I could impress Anthony Bourdain a little. I urge you to give it a try! 


Visit the DOÑA MARÍA website where you can get inspired to add some mole to those everyday dishes like pizza! #moleeveryday 

Easter basket Crayola On-The-Go Color Wonder

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If you’re kids are big fans of Crayola like ours then these Crayola Color Wonder On-The-Go kits are perfect for Easter baskets! They come in character themed Crayola boxes like: Disney Princess, Shimmer and Shine, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol. The cases are pretty sturdy to hit the road with. Almost like a little shadow box that has 15-mini coloring pages and 3 Color Wonder markers. They are compatible with all Color Wonder products.

  • Mess Free Coloring: Color Wonder Markers appear only on Color Wonder paper, ensuring that clothes, furniture and walls stay clean
  • Compact Size: Perfect for small hands and packing light while on-the-go; the unit also snaps shut, storing the contents of the kit and allowing for quick clean-up, a must while traveling
  • Fuels Imaginative Play: Full of beloved Disney Princesses and characters from Shimmer and Shine, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol, these Color Wonder kits allow kids recreate the worlds of their favorite characters in their own colorful way and explore the power of their own imaginations
  • Compatible with Color Wonder Products: Compatible with all Color Wonder markers, paints and stamps, so kids can swap in their favorite colors from different sets to complete their next masterpiece

These little packages of fun are only $4.99 and the newest Crayola products to hit the shelves!

10 ways to bond with your baby

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This post was sponsored by NUK as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, however all opinions xpressed are my own. 

When dinner time is every 2 hours it’s easy to establish a great bond with baby but when you begin pumping will you lose it? We recently started pumping and bottle feeding whennecessary. I wanted to make sure that I was doing everything I could strengthen our bond during these momentary transitions.

Here are 10 ways to keep your bond with baby while pumping:

#1. Listen to each other’s heartbeat <3 They’ve been listening to yours for 9 months and it’s still their favorite sound

#2. Lay baby on your chest while you recline back for skin to skin play time. They can practice head control while bonding with you

#3. Baby massages are a great way to excite and relax them at the same time

#4. Bathtime playfulness is great way to end the day

#5. Create a special thing you do with baby every time you see them. For me, I say “bing!” and tap on her nose. She smiles and looks at me with love.

#6. Spend quiet time together just hugging and rocking looking in their eyes

#7. Use a baby carrier to walk around the house and get chores done instead of putting them in a swing or playpen.

#8. Use a bottle that most mimics your natural breast. We used the NUK Simply Natural collection for this reason.

#9. Play with them by looking into a mirror together so they can see a visual representation of the bonding you are doing

 #10. Let her smell you whenever she can. Babies use their senses to get what they need and sometimes just a whiff of Momma will do!

With four kids, I need all the time I can get. Since we started using the Simply Natural Collection we were introduced to the Freemie® Cups. They were designed by a husband and wife team whose preemie twins encouraged Mom to pump during work hours. The cups can be an addition to many pumps. They simply connect to your pump and slide right into your bra. You set it and forget it! That’s it. I was able to play with the baby while pumping and seeing her smiles during that time let me know that bonding can come outside of just feeding times. Our bonding times are now during breastfeeding, bottle feeding and Freemie cup pumping time too!

You can see the Simply Natural Collection and special nipple design here

The NUK Freemie Collection Cups are available at Walmart and Target

The NUK Simply Natural Bottle Collection are available at Walmart and Target




Jumping into Spring with OshKosh B’gosh

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This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own

We live in an area where spring needs no introduction. The brightest flowers bloom all around and the green grass and wheat fields find a way to get even greener. We just woke up one day last week and our peach trees were pink and vibrant and our plum trees were glowing white. Since we’ve recently got hit with an exceptionally wet winter this past year in California this spring has brought with it the most radiant of flowers.

These purple blooms are the most eye-popping flowers and sit in front of an orange orchard. They line the front of a farm that stretches about half a mile. They are absolutely stunning! The other place is a vast wheat farm that is growing at a fast pace since Spring has come.

    With California’s popular warm weather upon us we headed to take some fun pics in two of our favorite spots on the route we drive almost every single day. For some whimsical spring clothes we collaborated with OshKosh B’gosh again since our Holiday Haul went so well (I still get emails asking about those OshKosh cat ear hair clips). My little princess loves comfort and when choosing her clothes feels the fabric against her skin first. Once she felt this floaty dress nothing else compared. She asked me that night if she could sleep in it because she was sure they made it comfy for the purpose to sleep in it at night to which I replied, “Doubling pajama/day dresses have yet to hit the market or Shark Tank but I like the idea.” See why it has a perfect 5-Star review on their website. We also picked up a crisp white button up with tiny anchors on it and for my backwards-cap-wearing friend here, the shirt immediately dresses him up.

I’m really happy with our spring shoot and that we took time to stop and smell the roses as they say. These two spots are beautiful and serene and we’re blessed to live in such a place that allows us to have a such a remarkable jump into spring!

Jump into spring with us!

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