This summer is especially brutal since kids keep getting out of school earlier and earlier and us parents are unprepared more and more each year. We’ve partnered with a favorite kids drink of ours,  FruitShoot USA to bring you some boredom busters. We love FruitShoot not only because it’s not a leaky pouch and not a boring water bottle either, haha, those are my kids words. They call the pouch leaky because they sometimes stab them in the wrong spot with the straw and then squeeze them. So leaky and sticky, we’ve all been there. FruitShoot is more durable and they don’t have to finish the drink in one sitting. They take the bottles with them pretty much everywhere and anywhere with the resealable cap.  We started buying ours at our local Ralphs, so you can check this locator to find out where to get your kids a pack. (Fruit Punch is the favorite in this house)

10 Summer Boredom Busters 


Download a stop motion app on your phone or tablet. Put it is airplane mode so the WiFi turns off and no messages come through. The kids can use anything to be in their movies. Since we just picked up some Fruit Punch FruitShoot they used the bottles to make rockets.  My little movie maker had her brother use his swiss army knife to transform her empt FruitShoot bottle. It was a cool fast craft! 


Give kids a challenge like draw a new, never seen before way of transportation or draw a picture of a made up animal from your imagination.

#3. Chalk Challenge

Have kids go outside and make a Chalk Art Gallery on the floor. You can show them examples by looking at chalk festivals online. 

#4. Mini Chip Bag Pins

Pins are really trendy right now. Microwave small chip bags and glue to a pin. These super cool pins are a great science experiment (with adult help). This will blow their minds! 

#5. Themed Scavenger Hunt 

Have kids go on an Indiana Jones type hunt. Have them find treasures fit for an adventure like necklaces, jewels and gold. Cover things with fake snakes and anything to spark their imagination. 

#6. Dance Off 

Throw on some clean tunes and have a dance off. You can have group battles or one-on-one. 

#7. Camp Out

This can be in your backyard or inside. Make a HUGE living room fort and have the whole family camp for the night. Include all your favorite camp snacks. This is great for little ones that may like a tester before the real thing. 

#8. Local FREE Camps 

Take some time to research local free camps in your area. A really good one is Apple Camp. They offer robotics, movie and music classes. Everything they need to know on how to start creating their own masterpieces. 

#9. LEGO challenge

Challenge your kids to make a LEGO structure. Start small with an an animal like a cat. Then move up gradually to something a little more challenging like a sign or building they recognize from near your home. 

#10. Have them choose

Ask them if they could do only one thing this summer what would it be? You might be surprised at the answer. Whether you have the resources or time there is always a way to be creative to make it happen. 

Pick a pack of FruitShoot near you