We were so excited when we heard that The San Diego Zoo was opening a new exhibit, Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks. Just the artwork they did to showcase the new habitats, let us know this was not going to be the typical Africa themed habitat. Check out the video below to see what we mean: 


We are so used to associating Africa and it’s amazing creatures with the savannah but the Sand Diego Zoo is going to transport visitors to the shore of Africa as well, in Africa Rocks! It’s been a long time coming for this project and if you have visited the zoo the last couple of years you will be amazed at the huge difference. Here are the  (6) NEW habitats of Africa Rocks: 


These boulder-strewn islands in grassland savanna are home for a variety of animals that live their lives among the rocks, including meerkats, hyraxes, and klipspringer antelope.

Ethiopian Highlands

This rugged mountain habitat is made up of craggy, granite peaks and plateaus. The unique species adapted to this environment include Hamadryas baboons, geladas, and Nubian ibex.

Acacia Woodland

This open woodland habitat features shrubs and grasses among thorn-bearing acacia trees. Leopards prowl here, vervet monkeys chatter in large family groups, and a colorful bevy of birds flit and nest among the branches in a huge walk-through aviary.

Madagascar Forest

Madagascar’s forests are among the world’s most distinctive, with dramatic limestone formations and spiny dry forest plants. This is home to species found nowhere else on Earth, including the extraordinary tree-leaping lemurs.

West African Forest

The dense, tropical forests of western Africa get up to 80 inches of rain each year, creating waterfalls, streams, and pools for fish and the dwarf crocodiles that eat them.

Cape Fynbos

The fynbos along South Africa’s rocky coastline sets the stage for unusual species, including the weird and beautiful protea plants, small sharks that swim among the reefs, and the adorable, warm-weather African penguins.

The first habitat opened July 1st and the rest will go on to open the rest of Summer 2017. If you have taken a previous trip to the San Diego Zoo you will want to go back before the end of this year! You can check out the penguin cam and when other habitats are opening here. 

Our favorite thing to do at the zoo is spend time with our favorite animals. We have bird lovers, snake enthusiasts and giraffe admirers all in the backseat of the car. So when we get to the zoo we get to see the animals we have been drawing and painting, reading about and getting to know through books. The San Diego Zoo does a great job of teaching about conservation. We leave more informed about these animal and their homes and how to preserve them. 

If you haven’t done the double decker bus tour at the zoo then it should be the first thing you do on your next visit. It is always the first thing we do to see the zoo and it takes the stress out of your day by allowing you to see so much right away. 

Visit AFRICA ROCKS website and be the first to know what’s happening!