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We had our very first park trip since having the baby! It was an exciting outing as the kids were so enthusiastic to share all the fun with their baby sister. There’s so much to show her and what better way than our local park that has a two Landscape Structure playgrounds for different age ranges.

The very first trip to play is such a milestone in their little lives. The baby was captivated by the play area. She soaked up the smiles and laughs of the children running by. She gazed off into the vast emptiness of the deep blue sky. She took it all in and I never failed to recognize how important this trip was in her development. Our returning trips here is where she’ll learn to engage other children. It’s where she’ll learn to fall down and get back up. This playground is where she’ll laugh, cry and laugh again.  It’s where our little ones have learned to be brave and feel capable. Those feelings are vital to their needs as a child and when they play on our local Landscape Structures playground they get those needs met.

Landscape Structures is partnered with University of Minnesota’s Institute of Childhood Development and is doing important research on what role play has in child development. They are studying how play creates leaders, encourages collaboration, and teaches about the values of persistence and problem solving. Landscape Structures’ playgrounds are made for people of all ages and abilities. These welcoming structures encourage cities like mine to have special days designated for children with disabilities, they get the playground all to themselves. These structures are doing good for children everywhere. We love having them in our city and think every kid should have one near by. It’s a place to learn and grow outside of the classroom.


We’ve taken our kids to so many fun places but as parents we know the local playground is an exciting trip no matter how many times you visit. They play together, they play with old friends, they make new friends, they use the play structure for different imaginary games each time. From, captains steering a boat to aliens piloting a spaceship about to takeoff, I see the imaginative spark that the playground ignites within them. It’s a spark I hope my kids never lose and one that I relive myself as I watch them. There is something to be said of the warmth and happiness we as parents feel just being a bystander at these playgrounds. Which makes me understand why we play today for a better tomorrow.

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