He wrote 44📚 books loved by all,
He was not a real Dr, not one at all.

Books that teach kids to be kind to another,

Their sister, their nieghbor even their brother.👫Helping parents🎉 like us show them the way,

so cheers to him and a very happy birthday! 🎂

It’s ok for parents to be silly too we like to have fun, really we do! 🖒

Boy, do we love us a good time! Any excuse to have one, and this was the best excuse of all! We got everything we needed from the Dr. Suess section at Party City (which I didn’t even know they had). They had everything from table cloths to costumes.

My kids love a good fun beanie, they feel like they can get away with breaking the no costume rule at school and wear blue hair. I don’t blame them, the beanies are alway the best at Party City. They are definitely good enough to pass as a costume but well made enough to see they are actual beanies doing a job. So while my son went the cool beanie route, Dad went full on wig. I hope I never say that again.



The party set up was super easy, thanks to the vibrant table cloths and cut outs. My favorite has to be the Dr. Suess photo props. They are so colorful and lively that they make any photo really pop and what’s a Dr. Suess anything without all the color?!

If you have kids in school you know that every year the school celebrates Dr. Suess and his birthday and these Cat in the Hat hats are perfect! They come with 36 hats and are adjustable for different head sizes. My kids always love this celebration and ask that I come to their class bearing gifts. So I used this favor pack to make an obscene amount of goody/treat bags for 2 classes. The big hit? These pencil sharpeners that seemed to make everyone happy and me too, since it’s a fancy one and the shavings are contained inside the sharpener. #momwin

I’m already thinking this would be the cutest 1st birthday theme for the baby! Of course, Party City allows us to be creative with their selection like we did with her BaBy-Q Baby Shower so who knows what we’ll think of then!

Keep checking back with us to see our