Mother’s Day should really be everyday, am I right? My other half so lovingly explains Mommy’s vital role in our home as “she is this one who brings life into this house”, I don’t think it gets more important than that. We spend our days giving what seems like an endless supply of energy to those little life suckers but I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With that being said we’ve partnered with GameStop to bring to you a Mother’s Day #GIVEAWAY that any geeky Momma would love! A perfectly curated handbag collection that will make her the cool Mom on the block with a $50 GameStop GIFT CARD to spend at GameStop or (have you seen their INSANE mug collection??)

This is the place you go when you want to really knock her socks off……and replace them with these Deery Me Flats that are 25% off right now. ThinkGeek is doing some spring cleaning at their new warehouse so you can save up to 80% off hundreds of items that can take Mom on a trip down memory lane of that one movie she talks about from 1985. You know that one…with the….oh never mind.

Well if she’s like me then she’s already seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and loves every smart mouthed second of it. Just until 5/13 /17 you can get 20% off ALL Guardians of the Galaxy collectibles. I may or may not have a dancing baby Groot sitting on my desk as I type. 😉

If she’s a millennial Momma like me, then she used to live and breathe Mario Kart. If she did, then the Mario Kart 8 on Nintendo Switch will ensure she keeps her gaming spirit alive. Also, the Nintendo Switch is slowly being replenished online and in stores. In this bundle you can find it all, including the racing wheel.


If she’s been helping catch Pokemon all year, here’s a shirt that’s under $5! It would be a great Mother’s Day, Birthday or just want to say thanks-for-everything-you-do gift, paired with a Star Wars Purse she can pack with snacks when she goes to see The Last Jedi. I’ve actually seen a lady pack a whole homemade bag of popcorn. The things we do for our kids–or to save a buck.

Since Father’s Day is not too far off, (and we know they love their gadgets) GameStop has some of the best refurbished tech items I’ve seen to date. If the hard worker in your life could use some technology to make life easier, check out this low-priced Pre-Owned Apple Watch. 

This well priced Snowball iCE USB Microphone is a great addition to Mom’s office. With the rise of Facebook LIVE and Insta Stories, recording great audio is a necessity. This is one of the more affordable mic’s you will find without a loss of quality. Can you hear me now? Now I can!

On Mother’s Day, I don’t really like doing anything out of the norm. We spend time together like usual but I use my special day to play all the games Mom loves. One of those games is none other than Tetris. I grew up getting addicted to the wonderfully stressful puzzle game and Puyo Puyo Tetris is a 4 player game that drives the instant gratification right out of my kids and fills them with patience and strategy. Muauahaha I love it!

Hope you guys enjoyed our coolest gifts for Mom!

Remember when Hermione used the time turner to save Sirius Black? I’m pretty sure this was the bag she carried it in….or if I had to imagine one, this would be it.

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