Back to school is upon on us and it can be a stressful month for Moms and Dads to say the least. We’ve partnered with Reynolds Kitchens and Hefty to help support them with the Box Tops for Education initiative which helps so many schools like mine raise money for supplies, technology and more.

Here are 5 things to do that will lower your stress for the week and possibly forever using a few of those items from Hefty and Reynolds we buy in order to give back through Box Tops. 

#1. Get disposable cups and plates

Grab some cups, plates, bowls and utensils so there are no dishes or at least very few to be done daily. keeping the kitchen clutter to a minimum is an instant stress relief on my eyes. One less thing to worry about on the first week of school. Get the first week under your belt before the sink from hell returns. 

#2 Pre-plan your weekly menu

Make a menu full of quick pre-cooked/frozen meals. Couple this with #1 and it’s smooth sailing in the kitchen department. As we know the kitchen can either be abandoned during back to school or waiting for you when you get back from dropping them off but neither has to be the case. If you stash a few casseroles in the freezer or pop in a pizza with salad things will be stress free come dinner time. Since breakfast can be hectic, make and freeze breakfast sandwiches too! We do a couple of slow cooker meals and the slow cooker liners are a hit! I put up the menu on the fridge so kids know what to expect. 

#3. Use parchment paper

Pre-wrap sandwiches for the week with snacks. You can pre-pack snacks like cuties, string cheese and yogurt all in a bin in your fridge. devoting a little time to this before the week starts will make any lunch packing stress disappear. kids can see what they’re eating before hand so there are no surprises. 

4#. Check the weather

Lay out clothes for the entire week. For girls plan out hairstyles with rubber bands and clips on hand. Cold mornings may require leggings or warmer days cardigans instead of jackets, just try to be ready for whatever may slow you down. Try to run through clothing problems that will arrive like, “where’s my hoodie?” or “where’s my black socks?”. For us, we make sure that if there are any formal days that require button shirts and ties, we have those ironed and ready (and not the same tie that we find out in the morning both boys are claiming as theirs.)

#5. Teach kids independence

by allowing them to do as much as possible themselves. Kids don’t just know automatically how to do things correctly, even if they’ve seen Mom or Dad do it 467,000 times. When we first taught our older kids how to complete their morning chores, we went through each chore with them and helped them along. Not so that things are perfect but so we could allow them to be independent and give their best effort. Going through chores or mini jobs like making toast in the morning is a great way to teach follow through like cleaning up after yourself. putting the toaster away is just as important as making the toast! 

We find our Box Tops on most Reynolds Kitchen products like Parchment Paper, Oven Bags, Slow Cooker Liners and Bakeware Pans. They will also be on Hefty Trash Bags, Hefty Foam Plates and Hefty Cups—all things you need to make life easier during the busy school year!

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