Raising kids is no easy task but when your child just naturally finds something they love doing it makes it pretty easy. We’ve done our best to allow all of our kids to explore and find those things for themselves. Our middle two put on their own show, they do 2-minute sketches with a costume tub and a script.  They love it, it’s their thing, together. Individually, one loves basketball and the other loves drawing. Our oldest enjoys creating art out of unconventional pieces and reading. We love seeing our kids do their thing.

Kids are growing up much faster these days and Fruit Shoot® is launching a new campaign called “It’s My Thing,” it’s a celebration really, of kids being kids and doing their thing. There’s a lot of pressure on parents and kids to be in the know and keep up with fast moving times so we’re taking the time to stop and celebrate the thing that excites our kids and allows them to be kids.

So today we’re celebrating our middle child and his love of drawing—-it’s his thing. He wakes up early to draw most mornings and always draws free hand. His love for drawing is contagious and he encourages the others to take time to bring pencil to paper. The thing we love most about his thing, he uses it as a source to give. Birthdays? Sad friend? New baby? They all get a hand drawn depiction of how much this guy cares for them. Let your kids do their thing!

Right now, in the UK two bottles of Fruit Shoot are sold every second! They have now brought this to the U.S. We’ve picked up Fruit Shoot 6-packs at our local Food-4-Less and we’ve stopped on those busy mornings at 7-11 and picked up a single bottle for their lunch packs. My little one loves them since she doesn’t have to drink it all at one time like pouches and straws. Fruit Shoot is made with no artificial flavors, real fruit juice, no high fructose corn syrup and no sugar added.

Take a quick look here to see where they are sold around you

So, what’s your kids thing? Leave a comment below if you know!