This post was sponsored by NUK as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, however all opinions expressed are my own

   Our choice to exclusively breastfeed the baby was easy to make. The difficulties came when real life set in and our hectic schedule cemented itself back into our lives. Then pumping became a reality and bottle drama reared its ugly head. She didn’t like the bottles and was doing more crying while I was gone than eating herself into a happy dream like I imagined. Daddy was not too happy not being able to make his girl happy. So we were on our third bottle brand when we were asked to give our thoughts on this new NUK bottle. My hopes weren’t too high since I knew what the problem was. I have a “forceful let down” as the pediatrician calls it. My milk flows fast and my baby girl’s aggressive latch doesn’t help. She’s adjusted to this by learning to tighten her latch and loosen it as she eats. So she is used to drinking from a fast flowing faucet but dealing with slower, firmer plastic nipples was not in her plans and she reacted accordingly every time Daddy fed her.

Our first feeding with the NUK was amazing. She took it right away and I know she was inclined by the faster flow of milk. It reassured her immediately that she didn’t even have time to get frustrated that she wasn’t near Mom’s breast. The bottle has allowed Dad and siblings to bond with her in the same way Mom does. It also allows me to continue my bonding with her as well. She has come to know and trust Mommy as her most intimate friend and I won’t lose that using the Simply Natural collection. It gives me the confidence to continue on with pumping knowing that not only will I not lose my bonding with her, it actually strengthens our bond since bottle feeding allows me to be a little more rested and my best self for her. 

 The best part of using the NUK Simply Natural bottles is that her siblings can get in some quality time with her. Ever since hearing the news they were getting a new baby sister they have had visions of bottle feeding dancing in their heads. It’s something they have been talking about endlessly. I was able to be the bearer of good news this time when I told them they can now each have special bonding time with little sister. 


See the bottles and an up close look at the special nipple design here 

The bottles are available and your local WALMART or TARGET 

NUK continues to impress me with an innovative addition to the Simply Natural collection they call Freemie Cups. They are also available at WALMART and TARGET as well.