When I tell people that we do all of our shopping on Amazon their immediate question is always, “but what about your groceries?”. For us, it was a no brainer to try out their Amazon Fresh when it first launched. If you’ve never tried out their unattended before 7am delivery then this Parenting Hack is for you!


 Amazon’s grocery delivery business, offering fresh foods, locally-sourced products and Amazon.com items for same-day delivery.  Operating in five regions, we give customers access to a diverse selection of items while simplifying their lives.<—–That’s from Amazon, here’s what we think: 

  1. When you don’t see stuff in person it’s easier to say NO to items you don’t need.
  2. It’s not worth the time—driving the cart up and down the aisles aimlessly waste a lot of precious time. 
  3. You can shop right from your kitchen and do a better job using what you already have….do we have enough butter? Yup! 
  4. You can meal plan at the same time for a more thoughtful menu.
  5. You keep the kids away—I know there are parents who like to take little Timmy to the store and hear his opinion on the items going in the cart “I don’t like beeeeaaans”. Well, let’s just say we’re not those people.
  6. Amazon’s customer service is INSANELY great. 
  7. Skip the lines to checkout. Enough said. 
  8. Never remember to bring those reusable bags? Neither do we and they can stop taking my money for the *new improved plastic bags (*eye roll). Amazon’s bags are reusable too! You just set out the old ones the night before your delivery and they take them away. Poof! Be gone.
  9. Seriously fresh and organic produce that lasts much much longer than store bought produce. 
  10. Deals, deals and deals! Here’s a few of my favorite: .25 cent Sara Lee Pie, 4 avocados for .1 penny and 4 apples for a penny (you could by 10 containers of 4 apples) YES! 


So we start off by making our menu for the week and seeing what we already have. Then we do our shopping online and add our must haves for the week like everyone’s favorite Sparkling Ice.

Whether you’re getting a case of drinks or kiwis and carrots, everything arrives the next morning (if you place your order before the cut off time it shows you). Unattended delivery means they won’t ring your door bell. They will drop off all your groceries neatly in sturdy chilled bags and leave. Prices rival that of your local grocery and super weekly deals include 25 cent items and there was once four avocados for 1 penny! YAASS! 

Do the math and research. Take into consideration the time and energy you spend physically shopping. I know some people that drive to multiple markets to take advantage of different weekly sales. That’s not doable for us, with 4 little ones we value our time more than anything. 

Thanks to Sparkling Ice for encouraging us to share one of our biggest Parenting Hacks. Whether your using Amazon Prime or Amazon Fresh you can order Sparkling Ice in all 15 flavors on Amazon. 

 Sparkling Ice dash button is now available!

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