If there is one thing we know about change in this world, it’s that it doesn’t happen alone. So campaigns that call on us to make a small change in our household that will make a huge difference in our community and our world are awesome to be apart of. We all have the power to make a difference.

Energy Upgrade California wants to encourage and motivate people to save energy with their new campaign #DoYourThing. It’s so vital that we all pitch in with small behavioral changes that can help save. Did you know that extreme weather patterns have already affected California’s avocado’s? Neither did we. (head over to@EnergyUpgrade_CA Instagram for cool facts) It’s sad to think that our excessive use of energy is hurting our crops. So we’re committed to finding ways to save.

We take an enormous amount of photos and video in our house. “I’m sorry there is not enough space for this, try deleting something first” is the constant message we see on phones around here. In order to save energy we have committed to filming only during the day whenever possible. Natural light is not only free, it’s also the best lighting. It doesn’t have to be sunny either. Gloomy, overcast days can make the most stunning pictures.

Here’s some ideas on how you can save energy too:

Here’s How You Can #DoYourThing Too:
• Blow up a light/bright colored balloon
• Use a marker and write what your thing to save energy is on the balloon
• Rub the balloon on your hair to get static electricity going
• Take a goofy selfie with static hair sticking up + balloon. If you don’t have hair try your clothes or facial hair. Get creative!
• Add caption #LetsGetCharged
• Tag a friend and challenge them with #DoYourThing

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